System Engineering



System Engineering

IT Outsourcing

We value other companies as major customers.
With that, we outsource and provide them software engineers equipped with the technical skills beneficial for their company.
Software development and operation work etc. are performed by dispatch contract and delegation contract. Compy conglomerate enrolls over 1000 engineers with high technology and knowledge.

Job Offer Adoption

Our company develops the job offer at any time and adopt engineer. We make efforts to the personnel training and will try to development of technology. The inexperienced person’s positive adoption, and education to contribute to the human resource shortage of the IT industry even a little.

We value customers

Our company provides technology which the customer request quickly. It is possible to correspond about requirement, definition, design and test.

SES Contract

SES System Engineering Service is a type of consignment contract in the development, maintenance and operation of software and systems, and it is a contract to provide labor of technicians for specific work. The contract form of system development in the IT industry roughly includes promising completion of the system requested by the customer and delivering technology labor provided by the person.

In the SES contract, we will assign the system engineer’s capability to the contract and send engineers to the customer’s office (resident) and provide technical service.