Social Responsibilities



Social Responsibilities

Corporate Governance

Introduction of ITIL, corporate governance, compliance (compliance) management
  • In Compy Conglomerate, we are introducing the international standard ITIL into our day-to-day operations and aiming to acquire ISO 20000.
  • I will explain corporate governance and compliance management using ITIL.


Environmental Initiatives

  • In Compy Conglomerate, we strive for environmentally conscious management such as using business cards using recycled paper, separating garbage and collecting office supplies.
  • In addition, we clean the area around the office several times a year.

Implement Security Education

Implement security education and build a company where employees can dream
    In Compy Conglomerate, every employee has to carry out regular safety education and training. After educating at the time of joining the company, we deal with customer's information, so we will strive to leave you a job with peace of mind. In addition, it is said that 90% of information leakage is an internal crime rather than external access. In Compy Conglomerate, Every employee must sign a confidentiality agreement before the start of the project, and we will strive to prevent information leakage, aiming to create a company where employees can dream, while also complying with compliance education.

Charity Organization

Part of Compy Conglomerate's revenue will be contributed to charity organizations
    Part of the profit from the Compy Conglomerate is donating to charity organizations annually. After an earthquake in Kumamoto Japan, we donated funds to the local disaster relief association. We also developed a App for the earthquake relief in Kumamoto Japan.
    The Compy Conglomerate is committed to growing the group in the future and returning it to the international community.

Compy Conglomerate Compliance Committee

  1. From Compy Conglomerate consisting of 30 companies (then), one compliance committee member was selected by each company.
  2. The Compliance Committee consists of the personnel executives of each company or the presidents or officers of each company.
  3. The Compliance Committee will hold an irregular Compliance Committee.
  4. The minutes of the Compliance Committee will be reported directly by the Chairman at the Compliance Council.
  5. The compliance committee chairperson shall take a turn around system.
  6. Also, in the event of an accident or incident, promptly report to the Compliance Committee chairperson or equivalent, and establish CMT (Crisis Management Team).
  7. I am also in charge of compliance education based on ECS 2000 and ITIL correspondence.

Compy Conglomerate Compliance Council

  1. Compy Conglomerate president and president of each company, and chairman of the compliance committee chairman. It is held irregularly.
  2. Based on reports from the Compliance Committee Chairperson, report at the Compy Conglomerate Unified Board of Directors.
  3. In the event of an unexpected incident or accident, CMT (Crisis Management Team) will be launched and will play a central role in CMT.
  4. In case of accident or convergence, the Compliance Committee will consider recurrence prevention.
  5. The Council is also in charge of the role of ECMS audit.
Activity 1
The content of accident is minimal, one that can be solved by one company alone Start a team with one member of the Compliance Committee and the chief executive officer of the company. Even when the accident converges, report to the Compliance Council.
Activity 2
The content of the accident is relatively serious, and problems occurred in the whole Compy Conglomerate or companies with two or more companies Start the team with all the members of the compliance committee members, the chief executive officer of the company concerned. Even when the accident converges, report to the Compliance Council.
Activity 3
Social incidents, accidents and similar items Complete the team with the chief executive officer of the company, members of the Compliance Council and members of the Compliance Committee. Together with external experts as necessary, we are fully committed to solving accidents. Based on the contents of the accident, we will improve all the causes, and the Compliance Committee will disclose information to the outside on the website etc.