Compy Conglomerate's company mission

  • Development of the Japanese economy through its foundation and reduction to the international community

  • Compy Conglomerate is one of the largest independent support group companies in Japan, boasting 50 enterprises, 1000 employees and sales of 10 billion yen.
  • For over 10 years in Compy Conglomerate, we have implemented group management as a flag of "development of the Japanese economy through our founding".
  • We have contributed to the establishment and success of more than 70 companies in the past.

Compy Conglomerate's company training

  • Punching above it's own weight.

  • In the sense that we are fighting classes above weight by themselves, we will realize the technical strength, quality and service of the large enterprise as well as the whole group, in the sense that we fight against the upper class.

Characteristics of group management

  • Object Oriented Management (Formerly Virtual Company System)

  • Object oriented is a design method used in computer system development
  • Compared to conventional system development techniques, object-oriented development dramatically improved the efficiency of system development.
  1. In object-oriented, work is completed by abstracting work (program) into the real world and sending a message to the abstracted class.
  2. In Compy Conglomerate, each company sends messages (request for work) to each other, each company cooperates, completing work such as personnel, material procurement, finance accounting, general affairs, etc. necessary for company management.
  3. All work exchange is designed based on object orientation, most of the work is completed only by outsourcing within the group, and the mechanism greatly reduces the number of personnel in the management department, keeping the speed of the venture company, It enabled a well-organized system.