Our Group of Companies



Our Group of Companies

Our Group's Strategy is the KEY Success factor for Compy Conglomerate

Our main motivation when establishing the company was to build an ecosystem in which our employees, clients and partners work in a harmony, have visible achievements and they are awarded for their efforts. Employees will have more ideas when they develop products in a good working environment. This can make employees grow more, and provide more quality products to clients. We are proud to see how we benefit our clients by providing them the right solutions. We partner with system integrators in delivering solutions to our clients. Such partnership strategy brings mutual benefits to both sides.

Franchise Companies:

Androbo Kernel
ES Kernel
V Kernel
Visulia Kernel
Victoria Kernel
Eight Kernel
STA Kernel
Espero Kernel
Realization Kernel

Lberc Kernel
Objective Kernel
Quantum Kernel
Gran Kernel
Correctaria Kernel
Secure Kernel
Supreedom Kernel
Smarttech Kernel
Realtime Kernel

Nodecom Kernel
Fanrevo Kernel
Boost Kernel
Bright Kernel
Proud Kernel
Breeze Kernel
UI Kernel
Rise Kernel

    Kernel Group emphasizes automating business processes in various fields mainly using AI and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology. Every troublesome business process from "proposition" to "delivery completion" is automated, enabling easy completion of various business processes. We provide RPA solutions to more than 25 companies, improving business operations and productivity, connecting to a stronger management. We hope more companies will benefit from our technology.

Nodecom Group

Nodecom Netcare
Nodecom Core
Nodecom Flint
Vasdaq InsureSystem

Node Communication
Nodecom Terminal
Nodecom Into
Nodecom User

    Nodecom Group has 8 subsidiary companies with more than 200 employees. Mainly researching AI and Bot technologies to implement in Chatbot. Chatbot is the most common case of Bot technology and is the most practical. The Chatbot can easily correspond with people who need to interact with a computer whether its shopping, finance or other industries.
    We are also continuing to train high-end IT human resources. In Japan, we operate our own IT training school "Compy Juku" including AI, UX, 3DCG production, and the latest block chain technology.
    In addition, we specialize in the production and operation of "Bot Media", a specialized portal site designed to make Bot technology more convenient for everybody.

    Bot Media URL: https://bot-media.com/
    Compy School URL: http://compy-school.com/

Visulia Group

Visulia Design
Visulia Learning
Visulia Flint

Visulia Creage
Visulia User

Bright Group

Bright Way
Bright Sphere
Bright D-Force

Bright User
Bright Flint

Correctaria Group

Correctaria Maze

Correctaria User
Correctaria Flint

Boost Group

Boost Drive
Boost System

Boost User
Boost Flint