Message from the CEO

Message from CEO

Zhao Pan Feng
Compy Conglomerate - CEO
Development of the Japanese Economy through

Foundation Compy Conglomerate established a site called "Venture Ichiba VASDAQ" which was the origin of the name of the Compy Conglomerate when the Internet began to spread generally ten years ago from now, Successful financing. Since then, the Group has consistently established, operated and operated IT companies, and has implemented independence from the group, with the "development of the Japanese economy through founding" as a flag.

Currently, it has grown to become "one of Japan's largest independent support groups", over 800 employees, more than 50 companies that have been established. Each company that graduated from the Compy Conglomerate is active in various fields.

Compy Conglomerate a financial support project that has been implemented for founded companies in the past

Make Japanese "Manufacturing power" to the world!

Technically, the Compy Conglomerate has kept on sending its own technology to the world, sticking to technologies originating in Japan, technically such as "embedded technology", "robot technology", "visualization management" etc. In the IT industry, Western technologies are the focus, but now Japan is the world leader in embedded and robot technology. Therefore, in the Compy Conglomerate, we have established a joint venture with companies in the USA Silicon Valley, U.K. London, China Shanghai, develop from a global perspective and disseminate technologies from Japan to the world.

Believing that Japan's "manufacturing capabilities" can also be demonstrated in software development, we are committed to continuing to pursue technological innovation in the Compy Conglomerate.

Compy Conglomerate President
Zhao Pan Feng