We design, source and manufacture nearly everything we sell.
It's the only way we can ensure that every product we offer is something we'd want to tell our grandkids about.
That pride and innovation spills over into everything we do.
Because when you care, it shows.


In order to widely provide our RPA solutions, we objectively grasp the efficiency of operations, automate routine and atypical tasks, achieve a high level of autonomy. We are pleased to welcome specialists who can propose improvements using RPA solution such as shortening work time, reducing work cost, improving work quality, etc. We also welcome specialists with the ability to develop that type of software.

Tokyo, Japan

We need your skills to improve our solution. In order to make the world more innovative with BOT technology and evolve the service we provide, we welcome engineers who have knowledge of technology in AI and machine learning, Python coding skills, experience in Chatbot development, server side and database engineers.