Group Companies



Group Companies

Our Group's Strategy is the KEY Success factor for Compy Conglomerate

Our main aim when having established the company was to build an ecosystem where our employees, clients, and business partners were able to not only work in good harmony but also get rewarded for their efforts through achievable goals. The reason is that good working environments will spur our employees to bring in more ideas in product development, thereby allowing us to deliver better quality services. In this respect, we are proud of the way we can benefit our clients sure-footedly such as by providing them with the right solutions timely in partner with reliable system integrators in need, synergistically.

Franchise Companies:

Androbo Kernel
ES Kernel
V Kernel
Visulia Kernel
Victoria Kernel
Eight Kernel
STA Kernel
Espero Kernel
Realization Kernel

Lberc Kernel
Objective Kernel
Quantum Kernel
Gran Kernel
Correctaria Kernel
Secure Kernel
Supreedom Kernel
Smarttech Kernel
Realtime Kernel

Nodecom Kernel
Fanrevo Kernel
Boost Kernel
Bright Kernel
Proud Kernel
Breeze Kernel
UI Kernel
Rise Kernel

    Kernel Group is a subsidiary of Compy Conglomerate, established in Singapore with its core business in system engineering services based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to boost labor productivity for a variety of sectors.
As business grows, so does the demand for automation. So far, the RPA solution has helped dozens of companies successfully improve their operations with great satisfaction.

Nodecom Group

Node Communication
Nodecom Into

Nodecom Terminal
Nodecom Core

Smart Tech Group

Smart Technology
Smarttech Mobile

Smarttech Entertainment
Smarttech Digital

STA Group

STA Plus
STA Usto
STA Reaties

STA Spell
STA Flint
STA Clique

Vitoria Group

Vitoria Stella
Vitoria Flint

Vitoria zero
Vitoria Alma
Vitoria Norn