Future Support System



Future Support System

Three Future Support System

For over ten years since our establishment, we have endeavored to create an environment where employees can hope for the future. The generic name of the support system is "Future Support System". There are three types of systems in the future support system.
  1. To those who want to train engineers, "Special engineer system"
  2. "Overseas internship system" (aka: UI turn support system) for people who want to live in the future such as overseas, south islands, hometown etc
  3. There are three types of "independence support system" for establishing a company independently in the future or for those who want to be free engineers.
Why do not you all use the "future support system" to realize your future dream?

Compy Conglomerate President Zhao Pan Feng

What is the Special Engineer System?

It is a system of Compy Conglomerate which realizes remuneration more than the engineer of temporary staff and free (contract employees) while working as regular employee.
Normally, when employed as a full-time employee, salary itself will be limited compared to free engineers. (In the case of a regular company, about 50% to 65% of the unit price) When it
is accredited as a special engineer, the unit price of the project itself is first disclosed to certified engineers, and the fee is paid according to the level It will be paid.
Also, by organizing a team, management fee will be separately paid according to the number of teams to be managed and the difficulty level of the project. (It corresponds to the duty allowance in the employment regulation.) With this mechanism, it is possible to realize both the stability of a regular employee and the reward over free engineer.

Four Special Engineers

 Immediate qualification: Experience for over half a year Future qualifications: 1 year or more of experience Receiptable fee: 70% or more of unit price

Current qualifications: 1 year or more of experience Future qualifications: more than 3 years' experience Rewards receivable: 80% or more of unit price

Current qualifications: 3 years or more in experience Future qualifications: 5 years or more of experience Rewards receivable: over 90% of unit price

Person who has accomplished in gold: more than 100% unit price.

(Unit Price - In the IT project, budgets are usually formulated every 3 months according to the skill of the engineer. We convert this budget into one month, which we call the unit price.)

Examples of remuneration
Four years of experience, in case of a gold qualified person.

1. In the case of a project with a customer's price of 800 thousand yen, for a project with 4 members under, the special engineer's gold qualification is 90% of the unit price (720,000 yen)
2. Assuming that the administrative fee (duty allowance) of this project is 50,000 yen per person,
3. Compensation 720,000 yen + 50,000 yen (duty allowance) × 4 people = 930,000 yen
4. Therefore, the monthly remuneration is 920,000 yen, the annual income will be 11.04 million yen. (In the Compy Conglomerate, there are many engineers with annual income exceeding 10 million yen)


  1. A special engineer is a qualification test inside Compy Conglomerate.
  2. In order to take the exam, it is necessary to have the above experience years and to recommend management personnel and representatives of each company. (Recommendation is done fairly based on personnel evaluation)
  3. Special engineers are also asking for active participation in V School, revising special engineer exams, contributing to our own projects, etc. in order to nurture the backwards.
  4. In the special engineer system, even if you qualify once, if you are not satisfied with the conditions (violation of the company's terms / rules, incidents, ability declines, marked failures in the project, etc), you can demote and disqualify you Please be careful.

What is the Overseas Internship System (UI turn support system)?

The money is not everything in the world. I want to spend slowly in an environment that I can consent!
I would like to work in that country I've longing for since I was a child!
This system was born from such a demand.

Efforts in the US Silicon Valley

US Silicon Valley

We have established a joint venture between Global Vision Technology Inc (hereinafter referred to as GVT) and Compy Conglomerate that has over 20 years experience in Silicon Valley, USA. Mr. GVT President. Mr. Hal Amano's dream is to support Japanese motivated young people playing abroad. In Compy Conglomerate, I have been conducting education and training at the GVT headquarters (in the place called Silicon Valley Burlingame) over the past few years. Senior employees are already active in Silicon Valley and Detroit etc. through GVT.
* 2007 GVT company terminates the incubation period in the Compy Conglomerate, but I graduated from the group, in cooperation in the future, Silicon Valley and, also in New York and other US regions of V Incorporated Retiddo headquarters willingness I am planning to send out some employees.

Efforts in the UK

United Kingdom

Kevin Ring of the UK IP Inovation Company and the Compy Conglomerate established Japan IP Innovation in 2007 and exclusively sell ITIL best practices (international standards) possessed by the UK Ministry of Commerce (OGC) in Japan. In addition, the UK Ministry of Commerce has secured marketing rights in China and Korea at the same time. Under the cooperation of Mr. Kevin Ring which is also strong in the UK, European countries, the United States, I plan to send motivated employees to the world in the future.

Efforts in China



In the Compy Conglomerate, we have established a local subsidiary in China, including Shanghai Shenfeng Taiwai University (Takashi Univ. Is VASDAQ in Chinese) and several other companies, in a joint venture with Shangfeng Group, the largest offshore development company in Shanghai. A lot of Japanese engineers have already dreamed about tomorrow and are working hard day by day in a foreign country called Shanghai. In addition, we have a contract with Shenfeng Group for comprehensive business alliance. In recent years, we have also conducted Shanghai training for new graduates. The Chinese market has immense possibilities. The opportunities for Japanese people to play an active part are still great, so please try it.

Efforts on nationwide deployment


In Compy Conglomerate, we plan to set up branch offices all over Japan.
It is your opportunity to be active in the local area from your birthplace, involving the establishment of a branch office.
It is not a dream to become a manager of an IT company locally by making full use of our independence support system.

Efforts on Mobile Work

Home Based

You can continue to work as an engineer if you do not plan to set up a branch office, wherever you can use the Internet.
Compy Conglomerate cafe was initially operated as a mobile work site.
Please consider along with the independent support system in the next section.

In Compy Conglomerate, we do not plan to carry out employee trips that will be carried out by all employees in the future.
However, we are conducting training overseas and other regions, targeting selected talented people several times a year.
Silicon Valley, training other than Shanghai is also planned, please contact each administrator.
(When using this system, recommendation of management personnel and representatives, and report submission by the engineer himself will be required)

What is the Independent Support System?

I want to try a rampage once becoming the president of an IT company, just for a single life!
The Compy Conglomerate has been generating many IT-related companies with the banner "Promotion of Employment through Foundation" for over 10 years.
There are currently 50 companies in the group, but in fact we have produced more than 70 companies in fact.
And there are a lot of seniors who are making preparations for listing and a new stage, making all the companies established up to now successful, independent from the group.

It is the only company in Japan who is doing independent support as a matter of fact.
Compy Conglomerate is Japan's largest independent support organization.

If you are aiming for a free engineer or president of a company at the individual business level, please meet the following requirements first.
1. Three years' experience as an employee 
2. Have sufficient technical skills as a free engineer 
3. Based on personnel evaluations, as a

merit of receiving recommendation from management personnel and representatives of each company ?
1. Throughout the year, it is possible to commit a certain amount of work in the Compy Conglomerate
2. Mobile work (work in a remote place) is also possible
3. When establishing a company as a free engineer, we will also provide funding for establishment (no repayment required).
(However, in the above case, it is subject to contracting only Compy Conglomerate work for one year after establishment)
4. We can also provide know-how necessary for company management and tax-related affairs at 5,000 yen a month.
(The number of employees is only one of the president, it will be in the case of a company that undertakes the work of the Compy Conglomerate)