We Train Engineers

Compy Conglomerate, with over 1000 engineers, not only develops system development business but also runs an IT school called “Compy Juku”. It also contributes to the training of young IT engineers using the latest technology curriculum including BOT technology, UX, 3D/VR technology and Block Chain technology.

Education for Newcomers

We adopt inexperienced person positively, and trains in training institutes in Nihonbashi and Kamata.
We straightens the environment that can be studied from inexperience and the education of the technology that can be used by the business and study for the qualification acquisition are done.

Educational Support

Based on the theme “How to evolve and develop people’s relationships”, we are developing next-generation communication means, communication technologies and terminals.




Learning Series at Bot

We make use of BOT technology which Compy Conglomerate is good at specialized, and have educational materials for teaching at “Compy Juku” original learning BOT.
Unix · Linux command series with high demand in the IT industry
– “IT term series” to support qualification acquisition
– “Language Series” to support global era (English · Chinese · Korean … etc.)