CSR & Governance



CSR & Governance

Corporate Governance

With a view to good corporate governance, we are determined to ensure internal control as a sustainable solution to spur growth for success.
In furtherance of this aim, we believe that risk management and internal auditing are integral to our business. In addition to the audit committee, the board of directors makes sure of effective corporate management with the help of external support from auditing firms, consultants, and lawyers, thus shareholder value maximization.


We put a first priority on corporate social responsibility - CSR - in order to act accordingly as a global company.
In cooperation with all other businesses in the world, we strain every sinew to respect, follow, and promote the UN Global Compact, the SDGs, and ISO 26000 within reason in good harmony for the international community.

International Ethical Standard

Enforcing a corporate code of conduct
    Compy Conglomerate mandates moral education and ethics training for every employee based on a corporate code of conduct in order to ensure safety and keep trust for our clients as we have to sensibly handle a slew of personal data, trade secrets, and confidential information. As a better way to safeguard against information leakages for each project, every staff member in the team will also sign a NDA with the client.

Charity Organization

Part of the revenues are donated to charity
    Compy Conglomerate is committed to society through charity as well such as disaster relief funds for Kumamoto Japan. (When a devastative earthquake hits the region, we distributed a portion of our proceeds to a local charity organization voluntarily.
    The Compy Conglomerate is determined to grow our group more and hoping to support the international community.