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About Compy Conglomerate

                  Compy Conglomerate was established in 1996 with the help of a group of people working on a common project. In 2001, the company became a part of SOFTBANK Group which is a telecommunications company.Two years later, the company announced the marketing of robot "Mospeng-kun"which was concurrent with the birthday of Japan’s most popular robot Astro Boy. The company already received the ITIL Ver.3 certification and has been featured in Yahoo! News in 2009. This year as well, the company started working with the Chinese government and has been able to receive certifications. More branches were established in different parts of Japan in Nagoya, Sendai, Hiroshima, Ginza and an offshore development based in the Philippines in the year that followed. The next year, "Mospeng-kun" was featured in different conventions within Japan. By 2017, the company has grown to a group of 50 companies and has increased to 1000 employees followed by its advancement to United States, China and United Kingdom. In recent years, we are spreading our business fields by specializing in AI and cerebral robot technology development. In 2017, we developed four BOT systems and started offering "ChatBOT," a real time communication tool. In February 2018 a head office was established in Singapore as Compy Conglomerate.

Compy Conglomerate Inc. Singapore

Website URL
Date of Establishment     February 1, 2018
Headquarters Address 50 Raffles Place #27-02
Singapore Land Tower, Singapore
Contact Number   +65-6224-6889
Affiliate Company Kernel Group
Nodecom Group
Visulia Group
Bright Group
Correctaria Group
Number of Employees 1000+
Chairman Eiji Terada
CEO Zhao Pan Feng
CFO Zhang Yan Yu
Resident Director Zhang Song Feng
Unaffiliated Director Koichi Nagata
Capital 100,000 Singapore Dollars

Group Structure Chart

Zhao Pan Feng

Eiji Terada

Zhang Yan Yu

Zhang Song Feng
Resident Director

Koichi Nagata
Unaffiliated Director

Compy Conglomerate Office

Company History

Year 1996

Volunteers gather and start receiving projects by the Science and Technology Corporation

Year 1997

Established Compy Ltd.

Year 1998

IR Site Venture Ichiba VASDAQ opened

Year 1999

• Compy Co., Ltd. Third Party Allotment Capital Increase to Softbank Investment (Capital reaches 120 million yen)
• Started independent support business Establishment of Mospen Fund (currently VASDAQ fund)

Year 2000

Compy, Inc. in the certification business VeriSign Japan, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, partners with Aioi Insurance

Year 2001

Sell SOFTBANK Bank Investment (currently SBI) owned compa share to SOFTBANK (Compy will become SOFTBANK Group)

Year 2003

Astro Boy announces marketing robot "Mospen-kun" on birthday

Year 2005

• Group of 30 companies 1,000 employees
• Advance to the United States, China, UK
• Thanks to the 10th anniversary event
• First graduation after selling Compy Ltd. to Kyouden

Year 2006

• Established Vasdaq Japan Co., Ltd. Capital 80 million yen
• Sale of Earl-Learning Co., Ltd. to Xiang company Second graduation
• Established Japan IP Innovation Co., Ltd. (Japan corporation of IP Innovation, UK) under independent support system

Year 2008

• 2008
Received consignment from UK Ministry of Commerce, open ITIL Ver.3 Japanese version website
• 2008-07
ItSMF JAPAN EXPO 2008 announced the demo version of ITIL Ver.3 Japanese version website.
• 2008-09
Mr. Hideto Oguchi, Executive Director of Shanghai Municipal Government's China-Japan Business Cooperation Promotion Committee, will be appointed to the executive officer of Shanghai Shenfeng Brewery Co., Ltd. (Compy Group)
The company is a joint venture between Shanghai's largest offshore group and the Compy group
• 2008 - 11
Released official website of Japanese version of UK Ministry of Commerce ITIL Ver.3

Year 2009

• 2009-01
ITIL best practice site and VASDAQ group will be featured in Yahoo news
• 2009-04
Kiosk terminal "VASDAQ-IT" launched
• 2009
Implemented a signing ceremony on the entry into China with Jiangsu Province Nanjing City High Tech Government
Anhui Province Horse Anrushan City Government and the signing ceremony was held on entering China
Implemented a signing ceremony on the entry into China with Zhejiang Province Jiaxing Municipal Government
• 2009-09
Open source software part of Digital Signage Terminal VASDAQ-IT, and released "VASDAQ-TV".

Year 2012

• 2012-09
Business alliance with US IntraLogics in data correction technology field
The company is a major character correction scanning tool adopted in IBM USA, international communications company, newspaper company, etc. Supports product deployment in Japan at Compy group in the future
• 2012
Opened VASDAQ Incubation Office in Kabuto-cho, the center of finance in Japan

Year 2013

• 2013-01
VASDAQ robot park (Takashi big equipment park) opens in Suining City, Sichuan, China
VASDAQ Robot Park is a public and private project aiming to create a city of robots by gathering software development companies, robot development companies, universities etc. in Suing City proposed by Compy group. As the office building is completed in the future, VASDAQ subsidiary in China will manage it
• 2013-08
Group Nagoya branch opened
• 2013 - 12
Group Sendai Branch opened

Year 2014

• 2014-03
Group Hiroshima Branch opened
• 2014-05
Opened Ginza Lounge
• 2014-08
Establish offshore development base in Philippine Clark and the company established locally will be registered as a national accredited company in Clark Economic Development Zone
• 2014-09
Group Fukuoka branch opened
• 2014-10
Released social game "Bururan Land"

Year 2015

• 2015-01
Group Sapporo Branch opened
• 2015-04
Group Osaka branch opened
• 2015-05
Released Thai Tourism Exchange Application "Thailand Expedition"
• 2015
Marketing robot "Mospen-kun No.3" announced
Exhibition of 'Mospen-kun No.3' at Thai fair in Shibaura
Exhibition of 'Mospen-kun No.3' at Thai fair in Shibuya
Exhibition of 'Mospen-kun No.3' at the International Robot Show in Tokyo Big Sight
The 15th Tama Factory Exhibition in Akishima City "Mospen-kun No.3" Exhibition

Year 2016

• 2016-03
Sales of LINE stamp of "Mospen-kun No.3" started
• 2016
FOODEX JAPAN 2016in at Makuhari Messe "Mospen-kun No.3" Exhibition
Japan IT Weekin Exhibiting "Mospen-kun No.3" at Tokyo Big Sight
Living and robot exhibition in Shinjuku Takashimaya exhibit "Mospen-kun No.3"
• 2016 - 12
Establish a new office in Jeju, South Korea

Year 2017

• 2017-03
Group 120 companies, 4,000 employees, sales reached approximately 25 billion yen
• 2017-04
In April 2017 a head office was established in Singapore as Compy Conglomerate Singapore. Currently ,We have 50 companies, 1000 employees.