Compy Conglomerate is the holding company of the entire group established in Singapore. It consists of more than 10 affiliated companies, the main business is development and application of AI technology. Using machine learning of AI from a large amount of data, deep learning with neural network, we deliver automation by AI in all kinds of business and various fields through in-depth and cognitive analysis etc.

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    A subsidiary of Compy Conglomerate established in Singapore. The company utilizes RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology for business in various areas, realizing the automation of tasks which are troublesome every day.
    More than 25 companies have implemented our company's RPA solution has improved the efficiency of operations, leading to expansion of business. We will do our best to make companies around the world benefit through the application of RPA technology.

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    A group of 8 companies founded in Japan. Creates various business-oriented Chatbots that can interact with AI robots in natural language, used in various fields such as shopping, logistics, health care, and finance etc.
    We operate an IT school "Compy Juku" to provide education and training specialized in AI, UX, 3DCG, block chains, and other technologies.

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Message from the CEO

We concentrate on leading-edge AI technology development and operation. Our goal is to introduce AI technology to people's lives to make boring and difficult business easier, make computers interact with people more naturally, and create a beautiful world by bringing harmony between the human race and computers.
Zhao Pan FengCompy Conglomerate - CEO